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Our student Memory did her attachment at the clinic. She has been of great help the last two months. Memory helped in the different disciplines of the clinic and visited the clients in their village.

We learned a lot from Memory, hopefully she did the same from us.



Since some weeks we are offering social service for our patients.
We welcome our social worker Mr Isaac, he started with visiting the first clients. We wish you wisdom, knowledge and strength for this responsibility.





In the last weeks, the number of patients increased, so our pharmacy is busy managing the higher request of drugs.
But they enjoy it, they said.




We welcome our new leader, Mr Chafuwa!
We wish you wisdome and strength for this new responibility, may you find in our Lord a source of love and power.
Thank you very much, Mrs Nyika, for the past 13 years, in which God blessed this facility through you.


This week we were honoured with a visit of the European Baptist Mission (EBM). They looked at the projects they support; the chicken layers business, rice production and the Home Based Care Program. Thanks for their support, advice and their visits!


Thanks to our volunteers Suzanne and Manuel for editing the website.


Thanks for a donations of various drugs and HB machine from Spounses of National Bank members of staff.

Also thanks for a donation of 200 pairs of reading and vision glasses from Mrs. Esther Grant.


Thanks to donations Baptist Medical Clinic was able to buy a vacuum extractor last November. A vacuum extractor is a medical device when the birth of a child has difficulties.


Since september 2014 the Clinic has a guesthouse for volunteers or guests. The guesthouse is a formal, rebuilt Nutrition Department, and

DSCN5822has room for 3 to 4 people.